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YIWU market

The official name of Yiwu market is China Yiwu International Trade City. If you want to trade with China one of the most interesting places is the city of Yiwu as largest shopping center on the world. Yiwu is famous as the city with the highest number of small shops that sell consumer goods. Yiwu International Trade Center was founded in 1982. and to date has repeatedly expanded and modernized.

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Chinese Companies

Internet scams are unfortunately a part of modern life. One of the most important thing in business is definitely confidence. On our website, we will try to create a network of trust to reduce frauds. Website of the company, especially if it is just a presentation on some of the larger sites is absolutely not enough. To move forward in discussion with potential suppliers, you must be well informed about them. The company that you want to collaborate simply must have a unique web site. Therefore, here you can find only companies with a personal presentation. Companies are sorted according to product categories, but same product can be found in more categories. We won't erase false links, so you can see how many websites are frauds or they simply missing.

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Alibaba group

Alibaba Group was founded in 1999 by 18 people led by Jack Ma, a former English teacher from Hangzhou, China who has aspired to help make the Internet accessible, trustworthy and beneficial for everyone. The privately held Alibaba Group, including its affiliated entities, employs some 24,000 people around the world and has more than 70 offices in Greater China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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China Product / Manufacturer Sourcing

sending emailsThis website is intended basically to legal entities. Our goal is connecting buyers with sourcing Agents. If you need to find products or create OEM products let professionals help you. On this website we have registered sourcing Agents who will help you to find or create product with best prices. All you have to do is create an order with searched products. Your order will be sent to all sourcing Agents registered on this website, so it could happen that you get offers from all Agents, and you can choose with whom you going to work with. We have no interfering in further communication between you and agents. All sourcing Agents registered at our website can be found in Main menu->Agents

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If you want to create an order, all you have to do is press button “Create order” in the right column and fill out the form. Add details about your company and contact person. Pay attention to your email. Be sure to send us your correct email address or we can't back to you!

Fields product name and quantity are mandatory. Quantity field is text field so you can add measuring unit. You can insert URL of the product, and max 3 files per product. Allowed extensions are (jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf) Max size of file is 5MB. If you must send more files or bigger files please contact us on email. Insert basic description of a product: dimensions, main material, design, quality, target price, etc. You can create up to 30 products per one order. After submit don't interrupt process of uploading files!

Copy of just created order will be sent to your email. Please, check your email! If you haven't got an email from us, it means that you put wrong email address and we can't contact you.

Product search

If you want to order goods from China you can use websites,,, etc.

They are offering direct contact with sellers and easy way to buy goods. But China is really big country and all Chinese companies can't be found there.

For example let's take Alibaba as most important and biggest of all B2B websites. in English is opened for all foreign customers. ( is only in Chinese language and is designed only for Chinese customers.

Comparation according Alibaba official data as of December 31. 2012.


  • (has 36.7 million registered users, more than 2.8 million suppliers storefronts)
  • (has 77.7 million registered users and more than 8.5 million suppliers storefronts)

Companies who have websites only in Chinese have two main problems. First is the language barrier and second is an export license.

Agents can help to resolve all barriers

Export License is the certification for export issued by relevant authority, in accordance with a country’s export commodities laws and regulations. In fact, in order to export products from China a supplier must either have a dedicated export permit (license) of their own or must “outsource” this process to an Import-Export company licensed to export any (non-restricted) product. The Import-Export company would accordingly appear on the export documents for the customs clearance. This is a normal procedure and totally legitimate in China. For some suppliers Chinese market is big enough.

Reasons why some suppliers prefer to use an Import-Export companies may be as follows:find in China

  1. They pay agent fee but it saves them labor cost and other costs.
  2. Import-Export companies may have beneficial know-how about the market and government regulations. They are professional to settle documents and refund matters.
  3. Import-Export companies have regular business so they get the tax refund faster from the government.

On the other hand, for smaller companies it is commonly not optimal for them to have their own export licence because the licence has relatively high associated fees and they must have at least one employee that is certified to perform the export procedure to China Customs. Therefore, instead of having their own licence and performing the export procedure themselves they outsource this process to a dedicated Import-Export company, who are licensed to export any (non-restricted) product.

All agents use minimum two languages (Chinese and English are basic) therefore language can't be a barrier.

Why hire an agent?

We give you web links from, and Yiwu in the left column of this website. You can search products on your own and suppliers in Chinese and then contact an agent, or hire agent to do it for you.
B2B Chinese websites in English language haven't been presented on our website.

Agents are Import-Export oriented companies mostly with required export license.

If you hire them to search products for you, they will contact all companies with or without export license, in English or Chinese language ( and and all other websites). What's more, they will look for products across Asia, not just from China. Mostly, they'll get better prices than you can do.


The most important thing in international trade is security. As you know, you can on your own risk, purchase goods from China. In this website in menu Buying assistant -> “Direct buying without agents” we give you some basic knowledge of buying and trading on your own.

Do not rely on third parties Websites. Business to Business services are common hunting grounds for the scammers.

Our mission is to prevent frauds, and we have started with marking web link's to the Chinese companies, so you can see how long they have their own websites.

All companies are in menu on the left "Find company" sorted by product categories, but same product can be found in more categories. We are choosing and publishing only websites with both language Chinese and English, or Chinese and some other language. Chinese websites only in English language are potentially very dangerous.

No one except website administrator can't add web link or change some of data.

Choice of adding companies is random. We started with about 10.000 companies and adding of new companies will be continuously.

Note : We are not authorized to tell you that certain websites or companies are legitimate.

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